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If you’ve never placed your first bet on the horses then you have come to the right place. Placing wagers is extremely easy and can be done by anyone in the UK with a credit or debit card and over the age of 18. There are dozens of licenced UK sports betting companies that accept bets on the horses every single day. If you are outside the UK than there are still plenty of options. Just remember to always go somewhere that is licensed in your jurisdiction. If you live in a country which doesn’t have licensed operators or where the government simply hasn’t decided either way whether to legalise online betting then you should always sign up for a company like bet365. They are one of the most reliable and trustworthy online operators and accept players from pretty much every country in the world.

To place your first bet simply visit the sports book of choice. In this case we will sign up to bet365 (get the full deposit bonus here). Once you have found the join page simply fill the  form in with your correct and accurate details. Most sites will needs you to verify these details before making a withdrawal. This is 1st to ensure that you are over the age of 18 and secondly to make sure that your details are accurate and that you do not have multiple accounts. Those of you that are not of legal age should simply not sign up as you will not get paid and you may be banned for life from that particular company and any other affiliated companies.

Once you have your account set up and verified you can then make a deposit using credit or debit cards. Most sites such as bet365 will also accept PayPal. This is a new deposit option for those of you in the UK and several other European countries in which PayPal have started accepting gambling transactions.

Once you have money on the site than simply find your selected horse race. The site’s should be easy to navigate and should have a link to horseracing somewhere on the homepage. Now you should have a list of horse races simply select the particular race and your horse should appear. By clicking on the odds it should add it to your bet slip. From here you can enter the amount you wish to bet and whether you want it to be each way. The each way info should be listed next to the price. Betting each way simply means you are covering if the horse will finish in the top few positions and you will be paid out at lower odds. For example with a 20 horse race it may pay the top four positions but with quarter of the odds that a win will pay. Once you have your bet amount decided click on the place bet button. Some sites will ask you to verify your bet and you may need to press submit again while other sites such as bet365 will place the bets as soon as you click submit so make sure your bet amount is accurate. You will then get verification of your bet being place as well as a ticket number. You can view your bets in the my account section or in the case of bet365 on the right-hand side you can click on my bets and it will show you a list of all your unsettled bets.

If you still have problems placing wagers get in contact with the site or go on live chat. Any decent sports book will have live support around the clock as well as a live chat option which is usually the best support method especially if you live outside the country or do not speak  English very well.

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